Scouts, Guides

The worlds greatest Movement Scouts & Guides has strong and deep roots here. An encouraging number of students are enrolled. They participate in Tritiya Sopan,Rajya Puruskar and Rashtrapati Puruskar Testing Camps, The School is proud of presenting a no. of president Scouts & Guides. They spread the message of Universal brotherhood & importance of Social service. They also play important role in arousing general awareness about Polio Vaccination,importance of afforestation etc by taking out rallies. Various others pacesetting activities being carried out by young Scouts & Guides.


No. of ScoutsTroops      : 01 (having 32 scouts)

No. of Guide Company    : 01 (30Guides)

No. of Cub-Pack             : 01 (24 Cubs)

No. of Bulbul Flock                     : 01 (24 Bulbuls)

 No. of Scouters                                   : 03

No. of trained CubMaster                      :  02

 No. of Guiders                                      : 01

FlockLeaders                                     : 02 (Trained)

One Flockleader                                : Completed Basic Course

One Flockleader                                : Completed Advance Course

PrathamSopan Holders       : 8 Guides, 15 Scouts

DwitiyaSopan Holder           : 05 Guides, 08 Scouts

TritiyaSopanHolder             : 04 Guides, 06 Scouts

RajyaPuruskar Holders        : 02 Guides, 03 Scout

RashtrapatiPuruskar Ho.: 01


List of the activities for the year 2017-18

       1.      Entrance test for scout and guide   

       2.      Pratham Sopan test will be conducted in November 2016

3.      Test will be taken for Dwitiyaand Tritiya Sopan testing camp as per instruction from RO

4.      Students will be prepared for Rajya Puruskar Testing Camp andtest will be taken.

5.      Waden Pawel birthday will be celebrated

6.      Camp will be organized in Vidyalaya.

7.      Students will be prepared for cup-bulbul.

The Scout Achievers- Won Rashtrapati Purashkar so far

1. Sandeep Kumar Parmar

2. Anshul Singh Tomar

3. Jitendra Singh