(For Excellence in Various domains)

The Ultimate aim of this Vidyalaya is to produce multi-faceted students who can face all the challenges of life successfully. The school strives hard to cater to all their needs for allround development. Following facilities are available in the School.

 ComputerLab: for the sophistication in Modern Education

Computers have become an integral part of life. Keeping this in mind computer-aided teaching is provided to the students as per the modern trend and to enable them to walk with thetime. In order to meet this end the Vidyalaya has well-equipped computer Lab-for Primary section, Secondary section and senior secondary sections respectively. Well-trained and skilled computer teachers help the students inachieving expertise in computer operations.

2 Mbps Broad band facility is available in the completer Lab, All Science/Maths. labs, library and resource room  for the students & Staff.

 Library: Rendering preciousservice to the learners

The School has a rich librarywith 3600 latest titles, which cover text and reference book requirements. The school subscribes a number of Indian Journals good for regular and globalawareness. The library provides extensive reading material not only to dealwith students regular studies but also to prepare them for competitive exams.Every year the library is replenished with a new books of Scholastic as well asnon- scholastic areas.

Arts & Crafts: CreatingExcelling

In order to enhance and groomcreative skills of the students an expert guidance in different fields of Artis provided which includes Collage, Pot Painting, Clay modeling, Soft Toymaking, Jewellery making, Papermache. Special Experts are appointed for thispurpose. There are several connoisseurs students in Arts & Crafts and theyare enjoying a great reputation in this area.

Playground: The Vast spacefor fun  & Frolic  

Ample opportunities are offered to the students to excel in games and sports. The school has anextensive playground to pursue their interest in this field. They play variousgames such as Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, and Cricketetc.

Special Coaches are provided to teach every minute detail of these games. Besides outdoor games there arefacilities for indoor games such as Table tennis. Pollution free environmentand regular practice help the students in attaining a good physique. Severalstudents have shown their excellence at Regional and National levels. 

Audio-Visual aids: Instrumented for the scientific teaching

The classroom teaching is madeeffective and interesting through the use of modern equipments, which are usedas audio-visual aids such as 42� Plasma TV, DVD, overhead projector and LCDProjector etc. The use of A-V aids aimsat better learning and understanding of the subject.

Children park:-

Fixing slide, sea-saw and skip ding ride etc.